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The Complete Gluten Free Diet

Категория: Книги

The Complete Gluten Free Diet
The Complete Gluten Free Diet: 25 Recipes for a happy gluten free family by Monica Ramirez
English | 2015 | ISBN: 1515225917 | 66 pages | EPUB | 1,7 MB

Wheat is the staple of life, but for far too many people it causes physical illness and emotional distress. The culprit is 'gluten', the binding agent found in wheat and similar grains. One might think avoiding gluten would be easy; simply don't eat bread or pastas, but it's not that straightforward. It's used as an additive in almost everything we consume: ketchup, sauces, soups, and more. As part of book, we'll discuss gluten, food additives, and other ingredients that can cause allergies, sensitivities, and even severe illness. Diagnosing Celiac Disease, or a hyper-sensitivity to gluten, is not an easy task. In recent years, advancements have been made but it still can go undiagnosed for decades. Those suffering from a chronic upset stomach, fatigue, weight loss, and other common symptoms can spiral into episodes of depression and heightened stress. Once the individual is properly diagnosed, it's still not an easy proposition, as meals must be planned around a very strict diet. One might imagine the days of eating delicious foods are behind them, but nothing could be further from the truth. Eating a gluten free diet can be rewarding, invigorating, and downright delectable, and we'll even start you off with 25 wonderful recipes. If you're hungry to feel better this is a great diet to satisfy your cravings, build stamina, boost energy, and clear your mind. Author Monica Ramirez has covered everything you'll need to know about gluten, taking on topics that generally get left out of the 'gluten discussion'. Start today by downloading this gluten free cookbook, and begin eating a healthy dietright now!

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