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The Book of Mormon A Reader's Edition

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The Book of Mormon A Reader's Edition
The Book of Mormon: A Reader's Edition by Grant Hardy
English | Nov. 14, 2005 | ISBN: 025207341X | 736 Pages | EPUB | 1.66 MB

Regarded as sacred ure by millions, the "Book of Mormon" - first published in 1830 - is one of the most significant documents in American religious history.

Now available in paperback, Grant Hardy's new "Reader's Edition" has reformatted the complete, unchanged 1920 text in the manner of modern translations of the Bible, with paragraphs, quotation marks, poetic forms, topical headings, multichapter headings, indention of quoted documents, italicized reworkings of biblical prophecies, and minimized verse numbers. He has also provided a hypothetical map based on internal references, an essay on "Book of Mormon" poetry, a full glossary of names, genealogical charts, a basic bibliography of Mormon and non-Mormon scholarship, a chronology of the translation, eyewitness accounts of the Gold Plates, and information regarding the lost 116 pages, and significant changes in the text. The editorial aids and footnotes in this edition provide readers with a clear guide through this complicated text. New readers will find the story accessible and intelligible; Mormons will gain fresh insights from familiar verses seen in a broader narrative context.

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