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Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.4 (x32/x64)

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Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.4 (x32/x64)
Xilinx представила программное обеспечение ISE Design Suite, делающее прорыв в оптимизацию мощности и стоимости с большей производительностью дизайна. В первый раз, инструменты ISE Design Suite представляют технологию, которая уменьшает динамический потребление энергии на целых 30 процентов. The new suite also provides advances in timing-driven design reservation, AMBA 4 AXI4-complaint IP support for plug-and-play design, and an intuitive design flow with fourth-generation partial reconfiguration capabilities that lowers system cost for a broad range of high performance applications. With full production support for all Xilinx Virtex-6 and Spartan-6 FPGA families, the ISE release continues its evolution as the industry's only domain-specific design suite with interoperable design flows and tool configurations for logic, digital signal processing (DSP), embedded processing, and system-level design. In addition, Xilinx incorporated a number of software infrastructure and methodology enhancements that improve run time, streamline system integration, and expand IP interoperability across its latest generation device families and Targeted Design Platforms. ISE Design Suite introduces the FPGA industry's first intelligent clock-gating technology with fully automated analysis and fine-grain (logic slice) optimization capabilities specifically developed to reduce the number of transitions, a primary contributing factor of dynamic power dissipation in digital designs. The technology works by analyzing designs using a series of unique algorithms to detect sequential elements... The package includes the following software: Logic Edition: ISE Design Tools (PlanAhead) and ChipScope Pro Embedded Edition: ISE Design Tools (PlanAhead), ChipScope Pro and Embedded Development Kit (EDK) DSP Edition: ISE Design Tools (PlanAhead), ChipScope Pro and DSP Tools System Edition: ISE Design Tools (PlanAhead), ChipScope Pro, DSP Tools and Embedded Development Kit (EDK) The package supports the FPGA from Xilinx following families: Spartan Series: Spartan-3: 3S200-3S5000, Spartan-3A DSP: SD3400A Virtex Series: Virtex-4 QPRO, Virtex-4 QRPro: All. Virtex-4: LX40-LX200, SX 35, SX55, FX20-FX140. Virtex-5: LX85-LX330, LX110T-LX330T, FX70T-FX200T, TX150T, TX240T CoolRunner ™-II, XPLA3 XC9500 The core modules of the package: Editor of circuit input; Editor input languages ??VHDL and Verilog; CORE Generator - Generator optimized IP-cores; Editor of stimuli for the simulation; program of functional and temporal modeling; Synthesizer VHDL / Verilog code; program for automatic placement and routing FPGA; programs 'manual' placement and design optimization; retrieves configuration sequence in FPGA FPGA and CPLD and FPGA programming EPROM. Год: 2012 Язык: английский Таблетка: присутствует Размер: 6.23 Gb
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