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Yosef  Latman      
(Free translation  did by the author)

                                      All rights reserved  by the author


There are in the life holy nights
What in  memory burn as same lights:
The nights of the births and appointment,
The nights of the love and the nights  hopes mettle.

There are in the life holy nights
Аre full of suffering and soul alarms always:
The nights of the partings and farewells
The nights when the people vanish
            beyond to the silence.

O, holy nights - the universe crown!
You are tied up  in the tight knots:
Not will be hope –  the sufferings will
            vanish down,

Not will be sufferings – and a love not be will.

Parting for ever with our Earth
And remembering what was in the past
So we say her a lot Thanks
            for all she hed did for us:

For the hopes and sufferings, and for the whole life  in alarms
For  the joy and the pain we had felt from the love -          
            the  all best  what can be in this life.
July 2019

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